Joomla CMS has been installed in over 30 million websites around the world. In Israel, the number of Joomla based websites is estimated by thousands, ranging from personal websites to governmental websites.

Once a year, Joomla convention takes place in Israel: Joomla!Day. Joomla!Day's goal is to introduce the CMS to new users, to develop the Joomla community in Israel, and to update the community with the latest news from the world community, to connect between JED users, to encounter community members with new and existing Joomla extension development companies and for the purpose of debating over various subjects which concern novice and veteran Joomla users.

The number of visitors to the convention is approximately 150 participants who consist of web developers, graphic designers, extensions developers, R&D managers and CEOs. We should state that Joomla!Day convention in Israel is published in numerous worldwide key websites such as technology websites and blogs, web design portals and CMS reviews. Sponsoring our convention could reach to hundreds and thousands of people in the web industry. Joomla!Day convention hosts visitors from abroad who raise the convention to the level of an international event - an event which is usually Tweeted hundreds of times!

Organizing such an event requires financial resources. We initiated a sponsorship program which will allow you as sponsor, to advertise your business and or company within the distinguished frame of Israel Joomla!Day. Your financial support will assist us with the production of an important Open Source event.

Sponsorship levels:
Diamond Sponsorship- 1000$ 
Notation as sponsor at the website = same as silver.
Appearance in all Jday emails.
A place to put your own rollup.
Your own logo on the schedule plan. 
A place to put your own booth at the event space  (A table and chair will be provided by us if needed).
Notation at all Joomladay social posts.
Apperance on one special e-mail with the sponsors only - one week before.
Add your marchandise to our bag. 
5 conference tickets.

Gold Sponsorship - 500$ 
Notation as sponsor at the website = same as silver .
Appearance in all Jday emails.
Notation at a the event rollup. 
Your own logo on the schedule plan.
Appearance at one special e-mail with the sponsors only - one week before 
Add your marchandise to our bag. 
3 conference tickets.

Silver sponsorship - 250$ 
Notation as sponsor at the website = logo + full profile + link to you website.

2 conference tickets.

Bronze sponsorship - 125$ Sponsorship
Limited notation as sponsor at the website - logo only + link to you website

1 conference ticket.

To remove all doubt, each sponsorship will state that the sponsor is a financial supporter but is not organizing or taking any part in the convention's organization.
Each sponsorship support will be followed by an invoice.
We find it important to emphasize that producing a distinguished event such as Joomla!Day requires financial resources, which means that although we respect donations such as software and other non-financial gifts, actual financial sponsorship is what we need for this cause.

Sponsors please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide us with your name, company name, email address and phone number.

Should you be aware of any other company which might be interested in providing us with sponsorship, please feel free to pass this message to them.

Best regards,
Joomla! Israel